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miradlo-Versanddepot - Your German Delivery Address in Constance

What we do for you:
We collect your parcels and letters in your name to avoid high Swiss shipping costs and customs charges that are increased by many online shops.

All you have to do:

You do now have a personal account with an overview of all incoming deliveries as well as a list of all deliveries already picked up by you.
As soon as we have received your parcel we will inform you always by email and if desired by whatsapp, telegram, twitter, facebook...
Tuesday to Saturday from 10 to 22 o'clock you can come and pick up your deliveries.

  • Opening Hours

  • Tuesday to Saturday from 10 – 22 o'clock
    • exceptions like holiday can be found in News (German)
  • Electronic payment or Cash in Euro or Swiss Franc
  • Reachable without traffic jam out of town
    • bus station in front of our door, more infos: bus info
  • Disposal of packaging, free of charge
  • Registration and status check of your deliveries, free of charge

Price List Delivery Address miradlo-Versanddepot

Please find our price list for delivery and storage as follows:

This is an example about how we calculate the price of your parcel:

  • Dimension: length 55 cm | height 25 cm | width 45 cm
    • Longest side: 55 cm
    • Shortest side: 25 cm
    • Calculation of costs: longest side 55 cm + shortest side 25 cm
    • Result: 80 cm
    • Result Parcel size for price calculation: 80 cm belongs to a parcel with size M

We calculate our prices in Euro, therefore, our prices in Swiss Franc may vary. Please see our terms and conditions (German) and our storage times.

Type of Parcel Size Price in € Price in CHF Special Notes
Pakete und Päckchen
Parcel XS < 30 cm 0.80€ 1.00 CHF
Parcel S < 50 cm 1.00€ 1.25 CHF
Parcel M < 80 cm 1.70€ 2.15 CHF
Parcel L < 100 cm 2.50€ 3.15 CHF
Parcel XL < 140 cm 3.50€ 4.40 CHF
Parcel XXL < 180 cm 5.00€ 6.25 CHF
Briefe und Versandtaschen
shipping bag xs length < 20 cm 0.80€ 1.00 CHF the longest side will be measured
shipping bag s length < 30 cm 0.90€ 1.15 CHF the longest side will be measured
shipping bag M length < 40 cm 1.10€ 1.40 CHF the longest side will be measured
shipping bag L length >= 40 cm 1.20€ 1.50 CHF the longest side will be measured
plastic shipping bag XS length < 20 cm 0.90€ 1.15 CHF the longest side is measured
plastic shipping bag S length < 30 cm 1.00€ 1.25 CHF the longest side is measured
plastic shipping bag M length < 40 cm 1.20€ 1.50 CHF the longest side is measured
plastic shipping bag L length >= 40 cm 1.40€ 1.75 CHF the longest side will be measured
Letter up to 10.5 cm height 0.50€ 0.65 CHF
Large Letter 0,5 up to 2 cm height 0.70€ 0.90 CHF
Parcel XXXL < 240 cm 6.50€ 8.15 CHF Parcels that need little less place than europallets
non-stackable shipment (width up to 20 cm) < 20 cm width 7.00€ 8.75 CHF non-stackable shipments like car exhausts, buckets will be charged by a minimum width of 100 cm
non-stackable shipment (width up to 40 cm) < 40 cm width 9.00€ 11.25 CHF
non-stackable shipment (width more than 40 cm) > 40 cm width 20.00€ 25.00 CHF
Carpets, rolled goods, max. length > 180 cm < 310 cm 9.00€ 11.25 CHF
Two-wheeler 9.00€ 11.25 CHF e.g. bicycles
Half a europallet approx. 80 * 60cm 13.00€ 16.25 CHF
Europallet 80 * 120cm 25.00€ 31.25 CHF
car tires, (2 pieces, not a set of 4 pieces) up to 15 kg per tire 9.00€ 11.25 CHF one half set of car tires (2 pieces)
car tires, set (4 pieces) up to 15 kg per tire 11.00€ 13.75 CHF one set of car tires, usual size
Special size palette > 140 * 100 cm 40.00€ 50.00 CHF Shippings greater than one euro palette
Charges Prize in € Prize in CHF Special Notes
sms notice 0.50€ 0.65 CHF Price per notification
Phone message 1.00€ 1.25 CHF Price per notification
Cash on delivery (COD) charge 5.00€ 6.25 CHF Only if announced and prepayed, same will be charged for deliveries with identification proof.
Cash on delivery (COD) charge without advanced notice 10.00€ 12.50 CHF We only accept unannounced COD in special cases for well-known customers but with an extra charge only.
Investigation charge 5.00€ 6.25 CHF If receiver cannot be identified clearly we charge extra costs for our investigation time.
Pallet disposal charge 5.00€ 6.25 CHF
Reminder fee S 2.50€ 3.15 CHF Charge for reminders
Reminder fee 5.00€ 6.25 CHF Charge for reminders
Additional infos to shipments 2.50€ 3.15 CHF We inform about shipments including sender and size of the package. For additonal infos to a shipment e.g. a photo we charge extra costs.
Return shipments D additional to do 5.00€ 6.25 CHF Return shipments without labeling in Germany can be sent via our parcel shop but we have to collect this extra charge plus shipping costs, if we have to readress the shipment. The fee will also be charged if we have to order the return shipment.
Return L to palett 15.00€ 18.75 CHF We accept return pallets or other shipments, but we charge storage costs for shipments >= size L.
Forwarding charges to Switzerland 15.00€ 18.75 CHF It is exceptionally possible to forward your parcel to Switzerland but because of our extra work we have to collect this extra charge plus shipment costs.
Return shipments with labeling free of charge Return shipments without labeling can be picked up by DHL but we have to collect this extra charge plus shipping costs.
Shipments that cannot be stacked   Shipments that cannot be stacked, e.g. buckets or something similar, are charged with at least 100 cm height plus length.
Extra weight free of charge no additional fee for heavy shipments
Disposal of packaging for parcels free of charge all sizes
Notification by email free of charge as well for twitter, Whatsapp & Co
Parking free of charge Free car parking nearby, we can provide a trolley for the transportation to your car. Parking in front of our door is possible for big deliveries.
Customer registration free of charge Online status request free of charge for customers

Storage costs for miradlo-Versanddepot parcel service

Our prices are calculated per working days, the lowest price is charged on arrival day.

Any possible exceptions of our prices can be discussed in advance. Later price adjustments are not possible. This is valid for all costs. Therefore, please contact us immediately after you have received our delivery message if you are not able to pick up your goods in time.

FAQ and Answers Regarding Delivery Address Germany – Invoice Address Switzerland

Information about Import Conditions into Switzerland can be seen in Eidgenössische Zollverwaltung EZV (German).

Information about Export Conditions from Germany can be seen in Deutscher Zoll (German).

Questions about the refund of Value-Added-Tax (VAT) (Mehrwertsteuerrückerstattung) always have to be cleared with the seller in advance. You can find more information about the refund of VAT in our blog (German): Wie funktioniert die Mwst-Rückerstattung in einem Onlineshop?.

Some questions regarding our Versanddepot are given in our AGB, i.e. general terms and conditions (only in German).

Information about storage times and storage costs:

it is absolutely important to indicate the correct delivery address. Depending on delivery services we do also receive incorrect addressed deliveries. However, if you miss to indicate 'miradlo-Versanddepot' or a wrongly written house number a return to sender is possible.

If the user name is written wrongly we receive the parcel but are not able to inform you as we do not know to whom it belongs. Therefore, we have to open the parcel to find out if documents inside can give us the necessary information. But sometimes there aren't even documents inside.

Some senders do not use the originally indicated delivery address and only parts of the user name. In case of unusual names we are anyway able to find the related recipient. For common names we ask all customers with same (first) name if they are the receiver of the delivery. A wrong address or user name always leads to a delay in informing the receiver about an incoming parcel.

Delivery address (Lieferadresse), dispatch address (Versandadresse), border parcel (grenzüberschreitende Pakete), dispatch depot (Versanddepot), parcel service (Paketservice)?

We will help you with all questions about each single term.

German receiver addresses for Swiss people, do have our German address as delivery address but the home address of the Swiss customer as invoice address. Therefore, the term grenzüberschreitende Pakete (border parcel) is frequently used because the parcels are addressed transnationally.

Tips for all topics around the delivery address are given in our blog Lieferadressen-Tipps (German).

Register free of charge to use the delivery address miradlo-Versanddepot

Register yourself free of charge and become a customer ⇒ you do now have a personal account with an overview of all incoming deliveries as well as a list of all deliveries already picked up by you.

How to Use miradlo-Versanddepot Konstanz as delivery address

Please use the following delivery address:

  • miradlo user name
  • Wollmatinger Str. 23
  • D- 78467 Konstanz

Please take care, the following version must not be used if you have just one line in address form: e.g. miradlo-Versanddepot z.H. Benutzervorname Benutzernachname does not work. Printers will shorten it to just "miradlo-Versanddepot z.H." in theses cases we don't know to whom the parcel belongs.

  • miradlo
  • to user name
  • Wollmatinger Str. 23
  • D- 78467 Konstanz

(Invoice address usually is your postal address in Switzerland) .

User Name as Part of The Delivery Address

User name usually is your first name and surname, e.g: Thomas Müller or Maria Schmid. You choose your user name yourself during the registration process. Sometimes the name you would like is already in use. In this case please choose a variaton, e.g:

  • Your first name and surname is:
  • Maria Müller
  • example user names:
  • Maria Müller
  • if the name is already in use, choose something like:
    • Maria A. Müller
    • Maria Agathe Müller
    • Mariele Müller
    • Maria Müller-Mayer
    • Maria Blümchen Müller
  • You can use the user name you like, as long as you choose a name which is unique for our system.

Further Questions? Contact to miradlo-Versanddepot

  • Logo miradlo versanddepot

Please note our information regarding your personal data: Privacy Policy in German.

Please send us an email to:

Of course, you can also use our contact form.


Please be aware that not all of our staff understand and speak English very well. The safest way to get an answer in English, is writing us.

miradlo-Versanddepot is using social media

You use twitter, facebook, whatsApp or a gnusocial-instance? Of course, we also answer you on this channels:

You would like to reach us by another channel? Please let us know, we would be glad to add another way to contact us.

Way to miradlo-Versanddepot, Konstanz

The map shows where you find miradlo, Wollmatinger Straße 23, Konstanz.

ÖPNV (public transport) how to come via bus and train to miradlo-Versanddepot

To reach us via public transport (ÖPNV Öffentlicher Personen-Nah-Verkehr) use the bus 2, 3, 12 and 12/3 to the bus station Bismarcksteig. The bus schedules of Konstanz you will find on the website of Stadtwerke Konstanz. During the day every 5 minutes a bus starts and arrives.

...more questions? Delivery address, parcel service, border package, postal address, invoice address...

May be some of our German information helps as well, then see our blog: Lieferadressentipps. If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us. Please be aware that not all of our staff understand and speak English very well. The safest way to get an answer in English, is writing us.

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